4 June 2008

De Gracht

De Gracht was founded in 1992. After playing covers for a couple of years the band started writing their own tunes, using the Dutch language.Very quick the band started to have succes in the region "De Achterhoek". This was noticed by some record companies. The Gracht made two records and a couple of singles. The band toured through all parts of the Netherlands. Also doing supportacts for some famous Dutch bands like "De Dijk", "The Scene", "Van Dikhout", and many more. In this period De Gracht had some hitsingels and played for Dutch television a couple of times.

Mark Ebbers: vocals
Ernesto oosthuizen: piano
Roel Harbers: drums
Onno Zijdel: guitar
Willem Jansen: bassguitar
Berry Kranssen: trumpet
Cristian Wopereis: saxophone

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